Series of Melody of the Night II (Only $5.99)

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Series of Melody of the Night II (Only $5.99) - Introduction

Melody of the Night is a series of original pieces with exquisited melody composed by Mr Shijin!
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If you want a whole package (including PDF, Midi and EOP files) in only one download, then it's perfect!

Included Files:
1.PDF - vector stave file;
2.EOPN - vector numbered musical notation file;
3.PNG - ultra clear stave and numberical sheet images;
4.Mid - audio file;
5.MP3 - audio file;
6.EOP - played with EveryonePiano software.

List of Melody of the Night II(30 Songs):
01. Sunflower in the Rain-Melody Of The Night
02. Smile of a Flower-Melody Of The Night
03. The 101st Date-Melody Of The Night
04. Lonely Time-Melody Of The Night
05. The Happiness Of First Love-Melody Of The Night
06. To Forget-Melody Of The Night
07. Raining for Who-Melody Of The Night
08. Confide-Melody of the Night
09. Spring Mist-Melody Of The Night
10. Looking Back-Melody Of The Night
11. The Dream-Melody Of The Night
12. Love as Firework's Moment-Melody Of The Night
13. To Love Secretly-Melody Of The Night
14. The Sorrow of Aries-Melody Of The Night
15. The City Moved by Time-Melody Of The Night
16. The Lonely Street-Melody Of The Night
17. The Warmth Of Memories-Melody Of The Night
18. Want to be a Pisces-Melody Of The Night
19. Just Watch You from a Distance-Melody Of The Night
20. Accompanied Happiness-Melody Of The Night
21. Farewell-Melody Of The Night
22. Happyness Time-Melody Of The Night
23. Melody Of The Night 1981-Melody Of The Night
24. A Letter to Home-Melody Of The Night
25. I Remember-Melody Of The Night
26. Hidden Thought-Melody Of The Night
27. Valentine's Day Gift-Melody Of The Night
28. Forget I Love You-Melody Of The Night
29. Ye Xiaoan-Melody Of The Night
30. Love Is Deep Fate Is Shallow-Melody Of The Night

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1. The sheet music are in packaged ZIP file, hence no custom selection.

2. The download address would be accessible at once you paid. The expiration would be 6 months.

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