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  • Update EOP V1.6.12.30
  • 12-30-2014
  • · Modify the bug  for no sound when changing midi channel;
    · Modify the bug when recording with the keyboard button, the recorded eop files can not play; 
    · Modify some small bugs.
  • Update EOP V1.6.10.24
  • 10-23-2014
  • · Modify the display error under different dpi settings;
    · Modify the conflict between shift and number key;
    · Add mouse pedal function, and unlock it with right mouse;
    · Optimized the function to record eop file.
  • Update EOP V1.6.9.27
  • 09-27-2014
  • · Add columns of  EOP Elite;
    · Add function keys of " Shift Pitch with One Key" "Bimanual Dynamics" "Sustain Pedal" ect.
    · Add recognition function for keyboard mode menu directory;
    · Modify several small bugs.
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