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Everyone Piano is the software that is used to play the beautiful music, so some anti-virus software thinks it is to capture the keyboard information. Here we promise Everyone Piano is 100% safe, no virus, no trojan and no risk. We advise you to add it to the white list for normal use.

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Have you ever been close to give up your piano dream because of poor family? Have you ever be self-abasement when people were joking with you because you cannot carry even a simple tune? Have you ever be ashamed because you couldn't afford a piano for your child?....


Now with Everyone Piano, all will be changed!


Everyone Piano is a computer keyboard simulating piano software, it can use the general computer keyboard to play the world famous piano music. With powerful timbre database, Everyone Piano's tone is lifelike and real-time. Even on onboard sound card, Everyone Piano can reach real-time musical performance, meantime it also simulates the pedal of the piano.


Everyone Piano can customize the keyboard, play the halftone, support record, playback, music score show, inflexion and octave. Besides all the features above, Everyone Piano also has the demo and teaching music. Everyone Piano saves everything for you, it is not only for free, but also supports a mass of music scores for studying.


Everyone Piano Features and Benefits:

Connect externally MIDI keyboard, enjoy Grand Piano.

• Support keyboard apart, two hands playing.

• Support automatic accompaniment, rhythm packing and synchronization.

• Connect externally MIDI keyboard or electronic organ.

• Customize the note layout of the keyboard.

• Switch the dynamic skins.

• Support stave and numbered musical notation learning.

• Adjust the playing speed.

• Support loading the Vsti sound database.

• Support onboard sound card, timely playing.

• Simulate the pedal of piano.

• Customize the keyboard and support playing semitone.

• Support record, playback, music score show, inflexion and octave.

• Come with the demo and teaching music.

• Come with dozens of teaching and entertainment plug-in.

• And more...


Compared with other Piano Software, Everyone Piano includes many unique benefits:

•The purpose of Everyone Piano is that let everyone one can learn piano with "Zero Cost". And you can also get more functions on how to improve your piano skills.

•Support loading the VSTi sound database (eg: True Pianos, Pianissimo) . With powerful timbre database, Everyone Piano's tone is lifelike and real-time. You can enjoy the grand piano easily.

•Support keyboard apart, two hands playing which is very useful for new learners. It can improve your learning speed and the cooperation ability of both hands.

Connect externally MIDI keyboard or electronic organ.

•Have different versions: Adult Version, Children Version and elder Version.

•Support many demo and teaching music. Make the learning process be interested.

•Support by Everyone Piano website, make communication and sharing conveniently. 

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  • winkoko70@gmail.com
    2018-02-10 21:27:10  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply winkoko70@gmail.com
    You registered two EOP account, and winkoko70 is VIP member, we have changed the password for you and email to your. Please check it, and if you want to change your password, email us. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF EOP
    2018-02-11 11:06:58  Reply
  • ckwan
    Hi - i'm trying to download the software on an apple OS X Yosemite. Wondering if there are any other options as i keep coming up with an error message that says this Microsoft appliation doesn't support OS X. Can ideas?
    2017-09-10 19:08:47  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply ckwan
    Thanks for your support, I'm sorry that EOP is for Windows system only recently. We will develop other version in the future.
    2017-09-11 11:30:13  Reply
    Anonymous  Reply EveryonePiano
    Why is the manual saying it supports MAcOS?
    2018-02-11 10:27:29  Reply
  • Thank
    2018-01-22 13:03:00  Reply
  • Hi. Is there anyway to convert midi to eop file? I mean it will be easier to see the glowing note on the keyboard than i have to write the note down and see them.
    2017-12-25 22:26:46  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    You can open midi file with eop, but can not convert directly.
    2017-12-27 10:10:45  Reply
    Anonymous  Reply EveryonePiano
    Okay guess that i will go the long way then. Still a great software, thank you!
    2017-12-28 14:33:56  Reply
  • Hello, I play this piano with my pc keyboard and it's cool. However, there are some songs that needs to press much titles but, even when i press them, they dont sound and I don't understand why. Please help.
    2017-12-28 01:53:46  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    I'm glad you like EOP,you can use mechanical keyboard to play, since the keyboard we used normal is touch keyboard that some keys can not be pressed in the same time, it's the feature of touch keyboard.
    2017-12-28 14:23:38  Reply
  • I was wondering if there is a Mac Os version available for download as all we can find is a Windows version. Thanks
    2017-12-21 19:21:32  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    Eop is for windows system only recently. we will develop other versions in the future, thanks for your support of EOP
    2017-12-25 09:43:31  Reply
  • shampan
    awesome great job
    2017-12-22 15:47:00  Reply
  • Sarahalugail
    Does it work for a mac
    2017-12-11 04:21:24  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Sarahalugail
    Windows system only. Thanks for your support of EOP, we will develop EOP for mac in the future.
    2017-12-12 18:23:32  Reply
  • problem when loading 64 bit vst
    2017-11-26 08:33:25  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    I am sorry,EOP is 32 bit. We will publish 64 bit in the future. Thanks for your support of EOP.
    2017-11-28 09:29:37  Reply
  • Hi,can i use this software through a padbook?
    2017-10-06 14:04:42  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    EOP only can be used in Windows system recently. Thanks for your support of eop
    2017-10-11 09:31:27  Reply
  • Lornalee76
    Hi, can I connect my digital piano to EOP while playing the piano? How to go about it and what’s app should I subscribe?
    2017-09-30 06:20:01  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Lornalee76
    Is there a midi function for you digital piano? If yes, you can check if your piano has been selected in Setting menu.
    2017-10-03 09:42:28  Reply
  • Es una buena página sólo le falta la opción de elegir el idioma español. Si pueden pónganlo.
    2017-09-12 06:54:12  Reply
  • Any future possibility of making eop into a mobile compatible app for apple and android?
    2017-08-29 12:02:30  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    You can use EOP Audio Recorder to record a mp3 format. Thanks for your support of EOP
    2017-08-29 18:11:04  Reply
    Anonymous  Reply EveryonePiano
    I'm interested in a posssible sheet music app compatible with digital computers. Especially using the EOP app which is great on computer but hard to work with while playing on piano.
    2017-08-31 03:03:34  Reply
  • jonathan.b19
    Is that possible to Download different pianos?
    2017-08-31 01:32:29  Reply
  • serenanguyen01
    Hi,if I want to use it without a keyboard or an instrument,can I?Thanks
    2017-08-28 14:57:12  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply serenanguyen01
    Can you explain in detail? What do you want to do?
    2017-08-29 18:11:51  Reply
    Anonymous  Reply serenanguyen01
    2017-08-30 22:54:07  Reply
  • I want to play complex jazz chord as a learning tool (upper structure, inversion, voicing, 2 hand chords etc. Is there a way to click with the mouse exacly several notes we want (like the ctrl + click shortcot). And press a bouton to ear the chord and having the note in rest (with a color). I use a laptop ? And how to view the software more bigger on the screen? Thank !
    2017-08-20 08:07:43  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    You click one key with right mouse button, and has a choose called Multi-tone with One Key, that you can set multi-note with this key. Hope it can help you.
    2017-08-22 18:27:28  Reply
  • I am learning jazz complexe chord. I want to know if there is an option to click with the mouse on multiple key simultanous with large distance. I want to ear and visualizate for finding the next available note of the next chord ?
    2017-08-20 05:22:33  Reply
  • Hello Is there an option to get x64 version of the program? That installer setup x32 version by default, but i need specifically 64-bit version for my truepianos plugin. Thanks in advance
    2017-08-11 06:15:57  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    Thanks for your support of EOP, EOP do not has a x64 version, I'm sorry for that. Can not you install truepianos in x32?
    2017-08-11 16:45:02  Reply
  • kaique570
    mais precisa melhorar tem notas que as vezes não sai.
    2017-06-13 23:14:06  Reply
    Anonymous  Reply kaique570
    Isso acontece por causa do limite de teclas que se pode pressionar ao mesmo tempo. Varia com as teclas, e está presente em todos os teclados, não há maneira de evitar. Uma solução pro seu problema seria conectar o programa a um teclado musical.
    2017-07-11 23:52:13  Reply
    Anonymous  Reply Anonymous
    Errado. Há teclado com função GHOST , que elimina esse limitação do teclado !
    2017-08-03 03:08:47  Reply
  • Linux version please :'(
    2017-07-06 01:22:29  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    I am sorry EOP is for windows system only recently. we will develop other versions in the future.
    2017-07-11 18:35:58  Reply
    Anonymous  Reply Anonymous
    You can use this with wine
    2017-07-20 13:40:13  Reply
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