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  • Update EOP V1.5.1.26
  • 01-26-2014
  • · Add new function to adjust EOP size, and supporting for maximization with double clicks;  
    · Modify the bug when saving recorded EOP file; 
    · Modify the EOP NMN Follow Me channel setting bug; 
    · Update the EOP Follow Me style.
  • Release EOP V1.4.10.17
  • 10-17-2013
  • · Fix the bug that can not drag the software when the left hand mouse mode;
    · Fix the bug that pop up the ldquo error when there is no input equipment;
    · Fix the bug that the glide affects each other when left and right hands do not on the same channel;
    · Fix the bug that can not play the EOP file when double click it after running the EOP software.
  • Launch EOP V1.4.9.18
  • 09-18-2013
  • · Fix skin window, add skin number;
    · Fix input equipment function, receive many equipment inputting at the same time;
    · Fix sound source channel settings, fix the bug that some sound source cannot be set;
    · Add the function of adjusting the dynamics;
    · Add EOP NMN Master plugin.
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