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The Daydream has never been at the public exposure; even the media don’t know his real name. "Tears" is recorded in "The Daydream" album with New Age style of piano. The genre is slow and quiet, with slight sadness. listen to the album, you may think of a past love and hate...... You may feel a little bit sad, a little bit of nostalgia, and then charmed. Download tears sheet music now!

"The Daydream" album:

01. Tears
02. You and Me
03. Beautiful Lady
04. Walking With You
05. I Miss You
06. Rainy Sunday
07. Daydream
08. Valentine's Day
09. Love is.. I
10. Wedding
11. Love is.. II
12. Questions
13. Stepping on the Rainy Street
14. Raves D'amour
15. Les larmes De Joie

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