Liebesträume (Dreams of Love)

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Liebesträume (Dreams of Love)

Liebesträume (Dreams of Love) Introduction


Liebesträume (Dreams of Love) is a set of three solo piano works (S/G541) by Franz Liszt, published in 1850. Liszt, a 19th-century Hungarian composer, pianist, conductor, and teacher, called each of the three pieces Liebesträume; but, often they are referred to incorrectly in the singular as Liebestraum (especially No. 3, the most famous of the three).


Originally the three Liebesträume (Dreams of Love) were conceived as songs after poems by Ludwig Uhland and Ferdinand Freiligrath. In 1850, two versions appeared simultaneously as a set of songs for high voice and piano, and as transcriptions for piano two-hands.


Liebesträume (Dreams of Love) No. 3 is the last of the three that Liszt wrote, and the most popular, and can be considered as split into three sections, each divided by a fast cadenza requiring dexterous finger work and a very high degree of technical ability.


The same melody is used throughout the entire piece, each time varied, especially near the middle of the work, where the climax is reached.


At the end, the piece dies down into a final chorded section, and has a broken chord for an ending, usually played slowly as if they were individual notes, rather than rippled.


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