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is used as an insert song to Epic Battle Fantasy, an ongoing saga of Flash games created by Matt Roszak, aka Kupo Games. The main series began as a simplistic turn-based RPG made only of series of battles, but gradually added more role-playing elements until the third game, which was a comprehensive open-world fantasy RPG in the vein of Final Fantasy. Few spin-offs have also appeared, with varying genres.

The series begins with FF Battle, where Matt and his friend Kat battle several enemies, culminating in a battle against Goku. Kat is killed and Matt is knocked unconscious, but their combined efforts manage to slay Goku in return. This leads to Brawl Royale, where Matt enters a fighting tournament to prove his skill with the blade. His final opponent is a zombified Goku, who he strikes down with a mighty blow (cutting the planet in half in the process).

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