River Flows in You-Yiruma

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River Flows in You-Yiruma

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River Flows in You
is composed by Yiruma who is the stage name of Lee Ru-ma (born February 15, 1978), an internationally-known pianist and composer from South Korea.

Yiruma frequently performs at sold-out concerts in Asia, Europe and North America. His alma mater, King's College London, England helped him gain European popularity and recognition. Among his most popular pieces are "River Flows in You", "Kiss the Rain" and "May Be". Yiruma's most popular album, First Love was released in 2001.

In 2001 he released his most popular album to date, "First Love". His #1 selling piece "River Flows in You" was on this album and since 2001 this piece has been released on two other albums (First Love [Repackaged] and Wedding Essentials: The Ceremony) Yiruma released his third album, From The Yellow Room in 2003. Pre-order sales topped 30,000 copies and the album was top-ranked on many popular music charts, including Yes24, Phono, and Hot Tracks. His 12-city Korean tour was a sellout, as well as his November concert at the Seoul National Arts Center.

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