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Calabash Brother

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Calabash Brother Introduction

Calabash Brothers (pinyin: Húlu Xiōngdì) is a Chinese animation TV series produced by Shanghai Animation Film Studio. It is also referred to as Bottle Gourd Brothers, Hulu Brothers, Seven Brothers and Pumpkin Brothers. In China, the series is popularly known as Huluwa (pinyin: Húluwá; literally "Calabash Babies").


In the 1980s the series, Calabash Brothers, was one of the most popular animation in China. While it has been praised as much as Havoc in Heaven domestically, it was released at a point when the Chinese animation industry was in a relatively downed state compared to the rest of the international community.


Still, Calabash Brothers was translated into 7 different languages. The episodes were produced with a vast amount of paper-cut animations led by Zhou Keqinwho became the director of paper-cut animations in 1975.


And with the popularity of this series, the theme song of the same same, Calabash Brothers, also prevailed quite fast.


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