Where Is The Spring

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Where Is The Spring

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Where Is The Spring Introduction

Where Is The Spring is a song that was loved by children. Its tune is quite naïve and lively, which sings the beauty of spring and expresses the feelings of infinite joy.


Besides, Where Is The Spring was composed by Pan Zhensheng and wrote by Wang An. This song is major mode which is divided into to two parts. It can be said that its structure is very clear and neat.


As for the first part, it gives people a feelings of clear and tactile. And the first phrase is the heart of the whole song because it reveals the theme - spring.


Well, for the second of Where Is The Spring, it further renders the beautiful sights of spring and strengthen the unity of this song.


It is just because this song is quite classical that there are so many people look for the Where Is The Spring stave and here we just provide it, download it now!

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