Edelweiss-The Sound of Music OST

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Edelweiss-The Sound of Music OST

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Edelweiss numbered musical notation and stave are corresponding completely, which is the specified track for EOP Demon Training Camp and also suitable for his members to practice!

Edelweiss is a show tune from the 1959 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The Sound of Music. It is named after the edelweiss, a white flower found high in the Alps. It is sung by Captain Georg Ludwig von Trapp and his family during the concert near the end of Act II as a defiant statement of Austrian patriotism in the face of the pressure put upon him to join the navy of Nazi Germany. In the 1965 film adaptation, the song is also sung by the Captain earlier in the film as he rediscovers music and a love for his children. It was introduced in the original Broadway production by Theodore Bikel.

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The Lyrics of Edelweiss:

Edelweiss, edelweiss,   
Every morning you greet to me.   
Small and white,   
Clean and bright,   
You look happy to meet me.   
Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow,   
Bloom and grow forever.   
Edelweiss, edelweiss,   
Bless my homeland forever.

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