Dream Waltz-Super Simple Version

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Dream Waltz-Super Simple Version

Dream Waltz-Super Simple Version Introduction


The Dream Waltz dance script was composed by Robert Stewart in 1967. It is a 16 bar dance (see paragraph numbers) in the usual 3/4 waltz time and should be danced with the usual 1-2-3, 1-2-3 rhythm to music at a tempo of 32 beats per minute. We commence the dance in normal ballroom hold with the man facing and the lady backing diagonal to centre down line of dance. We describe only the man’s steps here on the assumption that the lady will follow as a counterpart, unless otherwise stated.

The man lowers (bends his legs) slightly and uses “heel leads” to step forward; backward steps are drawn with his toe (again, lowering himself) and whenever he brings his feet together both man and lady should rise up onto their toes. If you find yourself confused with all the technical terms, you can skip to a video presentation of the dance below.

Dream Waltz is a TV episode, if you like it, free downlaod the Dream Waltz sheet music offered below.

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