Snowdream-Bandari(New Age Music)

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Snowdream-Bandari(New Age Music)

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Snowdream-Bandari(New Age Music) Introduction

Snowdream numbered musical notation and stave are corresponding completely which is suitable for EOP Demon Training Camp members to practice!

 is from One Day In Spring in 1998 by Bandari who is a New Age music band on the AVC Audio Video Communications AG record label of Au, Switzerland. However, the group is known only in China and Taiwan.

Bandari released its first album in 1990 and has published over 20 albums all around the world. China's Jingo Records has now released 13 of Bandari's albums.

Bandari never published its members' names and it was asserted by Bandari fans that this was because its members did not want to be famous. Further, the fact that Bandari as a music band is only known in China and Taiwan caused people in these regions to doubt the very existence of this group. Music fans recently concluded that Bandari is a commercial project initiated by Taiwan music companies, instead of being a music band.

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